Drag Function Conversion Terms

Input Data

Ballistic Coefficient
The ballistic coefficient of the bullet and its associated drag function.
Bullet Weight
Weight of the bullet. Used for sectional density and form factor calculation
Bullet diameter. Used for sectional density and form factor calculation
Drag Function
The drag function for the enter ballistic coefficient.
The velocity at which the ballistic coefficient entered above is defined. If you only have one BC and no velocity information, use the average of the muzzle velocity and terminal velocity so that you get a new ballistic coefficient representative of the velocity range you are using.
Checkboxes define which entries are to be used. If checked, the BC and velocity are used, if not checked, they are ignored (but must be a valid value). You must have at least two boxes checked wich valid BCs and velocities.

Output Data

Recommended BC
The ballistic coefficient and drag function with the lowest standard deviation.
Sectional Density
Calculated sectional density of the bullet
Speed of Sound
Mach number for the given velocity and standard atmospheric conditions.