24 April 2012 -- Bullet database now corrects for Army Standard Metro BCs. Manually input BCs must still be for the ICAO atmosphere.

10 May 2010 -- Add JLK bullets.

3 May 2010 -- Complete update of website for announcement of BallistiComp

15 March 2010 -- Modified point mass calculations to include changes in atmosphere when shooting uphill and downhill.

11 January 2010 -- Fixed humidity output units and updated bullet library.

16 November 2009 -- Fixed a drop units bug in the constant drop µCard calculator. Also changed the way units work in the trajectory calculators and added units inches per 100 yards and centimeters per 100 meters.

15 November 2009 -- Updated lengths and added bullets to the library.

11 November 2009 -- Moved to a new web hosting service. Many things have changed including most URLs. Please delete your cache and start from the top level menu.

29 October 2009 -- Added a page for bullet lengths -- asking people to help me find all these lengths.

21 October 2009 -- Added target lead to the constant drop range card.

20 October 2009 -- Updated and added to Nosler bullets in the library.

1 October 2009 -- Added to FAQ.

7 September 2009 -- Added color coding to the Miller Stability program.

4 September 2009 -- Added Don Miller's article, A New Rule for Estimating Rifling Twist An Aid to Choosing Bullets and Rifles, to my bibliographypage.

1 September 2009 -- Added the Miller stability and the Litz drift formulas to a new stability calculator, a new trajectory calculator and all the range cards. I also updated the FAQ.

29 August 2009 -- Added percent over/under and SASS power factors to Power factor program.

28 August 2009 -- Fixed humidity bug in MPM program. Fixed chronograph distance bug in the Simplified Trajectory program.

21 August 2009 -- Added Predator Projectiles to the bullet library.

17 August 2009 -- Modified output of BC calculations to show "***" if it cannot find a BC.

14 August 2009 -- Fixed sign bug in MPM

12 August 2009 -- Changed name of site from JBM Small Arms Ballistics to JBM Ballistics. This better matches the domain name.

11 August 2009 -- Added statistics for bullet selection. They are located here.

10 August 2009 -- Modified output of programs. Output now includes ads and menus. Also removed the link for error reporting from the output table. It's now below the table.

7 July 2009 -- Added G7 BC data from the Bryan Litz' new book, Applied Ballistics for Long Range Shooting. Also increased maximum length of emails on contact page to 1024 characters.

25 June 2009 -- Fixed velocity units bug Drag/Twist calculation output.

12 June 2009 -- Fixed string bug in contact program. Messages are now property truncated to 512 characters.

11 June 2009 -- Made the size of cookies smaller.

7 June 2009 -- Output now includes BCs (not CDs).

6 June 2009 -- Added Winchester and Lehigh bullets. Also added new Sierra 155 grain Palma Matchking™. Old Palma Matchking™ is now just 155 grain Matchking™.

5 May 2009 -- Minor bug fixes on the μCard and slight formatting changes on footer. Also added option to exclude target lead on output of μCard.

23 April 2009 -- Fixed geometry correction bug in MPM.

21 April 2009 -- Add new micro card calculation

24 February 2009 -- Fixed ranges bug in trajectory calculators

16 February 2009 -- Have added a help link next to all the inputs and output now has a link for reporting bugs.

12 February 2009 -- New versions of the online programs have replaced the old versions.

4 January 2009 -- New versions of the online programs are available for use. They include a CGI interface for the form input and better error reporting.